The Quest for Happiness Begins


The quest for happiness..we are all on, you, and all of us collectively.  If you think about it, most every activity throughout our day can be traced back to the pursuit of happiness.  The whole thing even made it into our nation’s declaration of independence.  Sometimes we think about happiness directly.  Most of the time, it just operates silently in the back ground and we don’t think about it until we are very uncomfortable.

One primary reason why I so enjoy being a therapist is because of my personal obsession with figuring out how to be happy and at peace.  It is also the one thing that all my clients have in common.  They come to me because they are uncomfortable, experiencing pain and suffering, and just want to be happier.

Simple Loving-Kindness Meditation uses repetition of the phrase, “May I be happy, may I be peaceful, may I be free from suffering” and slowly sends these thoughts out to an ever widening circle beginning with yourself and ending with the every living thing on the planet.  “May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be free from suffering.”  This is what I wish for myself and all others.  This blog is designed to share my own quest for happiness.  I will tell you about what I have learned so far and invite others to participate in the ongoing journey with me.

Posts will attempt to balance the use of personal experience, the collective experience of others, and scientific research as sources.  We will focus on two main aspects of happiness and wellness: healthy relationships with others and individual emotional health.  We will be open to explore all treatments for physical and emotional pain including traditional Western and Eastern medicine, psychology, and spirituality.  A significant amount of the material will pull from concepts contained in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy and Family Systems Theory.  These are both my theory base as a professional psychotherapist and as an individual seeking to be happy, peaceful, and free from suffering.

All post will attempt to address how to be happier highlighting what works and what doesn’t.  Categories will include the following.

  • Maintaining a healthy marriage or intimate partnership
  • Healthy relationships with children, extended family, etc.
  • Emotional health:  managing your thoughts and emotions
  • The relationship between emotional wellness and physical wellness or health
  • American culture and emotional wellness/happiness
  • Effective alternative treatments and Integrative Medicine

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