TeleHealth / In Person

Angela McLean, LMFT encourages all clients to attend sessions in person whenever possible.  Clear benefits that can increase the effectiveness of treatment exist when clients meet in person.  However, circumstances such as health concerns, distance, and employment or child care conflicts exist for some clients and telehealth sessions are effective for many.  Therefore, telehealth and in person sessions are available based on client need and preference.  Angela will discuss the benefits and risks of each option in order to help you make an informed decision about the mode of delivery that is best for each individual client’s treatment.

For Clients using TeleHealth

Angela uses Zoom for Healthcare, a secure HIPPA compliant video chat service.  In order to join your telehealth session, simply log in to the Resilient Counseling client portal.  Starting 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session time, a button will appear allowing you to enter the session. Please be advised, while you will get a session reminder, no invitation email will be sent.

*** Informed Consent for Telemental Health Services ***

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a video counseling session?  What should I expect?

It is important to prepare for your session by setting up a secure, comfortable place where you will have privacy and feel safe.  A laptop or desktop with a larger screen is recommended if available.  It may also be helpful to create plan in advance and discuss your need for privacy with family members when appropriate.  Good lighting on your face is helpful as well if possible.  If you need assistance developing a plan to create a safe, confidential environment please let Angela know.  Also, review the above informed consent document for more details about the risks and benefits of telehealth services.

Sometimes technical difficulties occur, but for the most part sessions will feel more similar to in office sessions than you expect.  Please consider setting up a few minutes before your appointment.  Also, be aware that credit card payments will be processed with square as they are during face to face sessions.  If your card on file has not recently been verified as up to date or you would like to use another card, please have that available for your session.

Does my insurance pay for telehealth counseling?

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna are still complete covering telehealth Services. However, insurance companies still only pay for telehealth sessions based on a Covid19 pandemic exception.  Currently this exception has been extended to December 31st, 2022 and may end after this date.  Angela is recommending all Aetna, Magellan, and Beacon Health members call to confirm this type of coverage is on your plan.  If you are a current client please do not allow insurance concerns to prevent you from attending telehealth sessions, but contact Angela prior to the session to address any concerns.