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Support Group for Adult Children of Narcissistic and Borderline Parents

This support group was created due to the discovery of a real need.  Children of parents with Narcissistic or Borderline personality disorder struggle with the pain from their childhood.  These parents lack the ability to have empathy or connect but instead use their children as an object to fulfill needs.  As a result these children struggle into adulthood with anxiety, depression, and relationships.  Additionally, they must continue to navigate the relationship with a mother or father who is controlling, manipulative, and never satisfied.  Many benefit from individual therapy, but still feel alone.

By attending this support group, members will be able to hear the stories of others with similar experiences and recognize that they Conflict between mother and daughterare not alone.  Information topics may include:

  • What is Narcissistic and Borderline Personality Disorders
  • How to set boundaries with your toxic parent
  • Having intimacy after learning that intimacy hurts
  • Building skills for self-acceptance

In a group setting with others who have had similar experiences, clients will be able to develop a deeper understanding of simple truths that are easy for them to forget such as:

  • I am not the crazy one
  • I am good enough just as I am

Due to the nature of this group an individual assessment session or referral from a licensed mental health professional is required.  Please contact Angela for an appointment or have your therapist refer you by phone or by faxing the referral form available on the Forms & Privacy page.  Please ask referring providers to include a brief case summary, client name, and contact information.  After the assessment or referral process confirms that you are appropriate for the group you will receive an invitation to attend by phone or email.  The group is designed for clients who are currently participating in individual counseling or have completed individual counseling.  All members will be encouraged to follow the recommendations of their current therapist regarding individual therapy sessions.

(Second Tuesday of the month)

April 12th   12:30 – 1:30

May 10th    12:30-1:30

June 14th  12:30 – 1:30


Location:  515 Keisler Drive, Suite 101 Cary, NC  27518

Fees:  $40 per session (no insurance is accepted for group sessions)


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