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Angela specializes in helping people find peace in the midst of constant change and daily chaos. Individual and group sessions are designed to help clients develop the ability to maintain an inner tranquility that is not easily affected by outside circumstances or pressures. Couples and families come to build a strong foundation and lasting, satisfying relationships. By combining complementary approaches to psychotherapy, Angela is able to take a wholistic approach considering both the whole person and the whole family. If you are looking for peace within yourself, your marriage, or your home, contact Angela today.

What to Expect

When you arrive simply relax in our waiting area and Angela will greet you promptly.  You can pre-register online and the paperwork needed can be completed in Angela’s client portal with a digital signature.  Angela will review you paperwork and insurance information before beginning the first session.

For many people the decision to go to a counselor is difficult.  Whether you had a negative experience with a counselor in the past, wonder how it could actually help, or just don’t know what to expect, Angela will be doing everything possible to make the experience comfortable, calming, and helpful.  Below are answers to common questions people ask prior to seeing a counselor.

Who should consider coming to a counselor?

Many people do not consider coming to counseling unless they are experiencing a crisis.  Certainly these are times when counseling is appropriate.  However, it is always helpful to come to a therapist before a problem rises to a crisis level so that the crisis can be prevented.  If you are concerned about your marriage/relationship, your family, or yourself enough to be considering outside help you likely would benefit from counseling services.  Additionally, counselors are often helpful even for people who aren’t experiencing severe problems but simply want a partner to help them with their personal development goals.

What will the first session be like?

Angela provides counseling in a relaxed atmosphere.  The first session is focused primarily on getting to know one another as well as briefly reviewing initial paperwork.  We usually have time to begin to discuss the reason why you decided to come to counseling.

How does therapy work after the first session?

Angela enjoys getting to know her clients well and laughing together but also values focusing on goals and making each session a productive one.  As the client, you will be asked why you decided to come to therapy and what you would like to accomplish.  The first 2-4 sessions are generally spent getting to know one another and helping Angela get a thorough understanding of the problems as well as clarifying goals for treatment.  Angela will make recommendations about what might help after getting to know you and completing a thorough assessment.  Sometimes this means referring you to other service providers.  Often we get right to work on making progress on the agreed upon goals.  A counselor’s job is not to give advice but to help client’s find a solution to their problem that works for them.  Many people who come to counseling are in crisis and simply don’t know where to start.  Exploring concerns with an objective party in a safe, confidential atmosphere often goes a long way.  Frequently, homework assignments which consist of practicing new skills or trying out a new approach to the problem are given and discussed in the following session.

How often will we meet?

Starting out counseling sessions are held weekly.  Counseling held less often is generally not as effective.  After significant progress towards goals, sessions often reduce to every other week or once a month while clients work on maintaining.  Exceptions to this rule exist but are rare.

How long will I need to come to regular sessions?

The answer to this question depends greatly on what the severity of the problem you bring and the goals you decide to work on.  It is recommended that sessions continue until progress is made on your goals.  You and your therapist will continually evaluate whether treatment is effective and try something new or refer you to other services if needed.

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