Stress & Meditation Seminars

We all experience stress in our day to day life but are given few resources to cope with it. The strain placed on our bodies often triggers or worsens the symptoms of health conditions and reduces our ability to be effective at work and enjoy life. The common ways to address these problems, exercise and medication, do help. However, exercise alone is often not sufficient. Additionally, many prefer to avoid medications that only treat the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of stress and add chemicals to our bodies.

Introduction to Mindfulness: Simple & Natural Stress Management

 In this course you will learn about cutting edge advances in neuroscience and practical ways to use this knowledge about your brain and nervous system to train it for Frau meditiert im Bürohealth. In the same way a personal trainer teaches you how to train your muscles or a physical therapist gives you exercises to heal muscles and bones, this seminar will teach you how to train your nervous system. You can feel calm and peaceful as well as energized and alert rather than anxious, stressed, drained, and exhausted.

 This innovative approach to stress offers simple, daily practices that help you to maintain an inner tranquility that is not easily affected by outside circumstances or pressures. You will learn various meditation techniques that are often mentioned in the news today. However, jumping right in to sitting 20-45 minutes a day is difficult for many. So each session will also offer simple & practical techniques and strategies that can be applied right away.

 Come, relax, breath, and learn ways to work peace into your day and enjoy life more fully moment by moment.




Class Outline

Session 1: What is Mindfulness?

Session 2: Stress & the Brain:  Caught in the Stress Cycle

Sessions 3: Working with Thoughts

Session 4: Working with Emotions

Session 5: Working with Bodily Sensations

Session 6: A Mindful Lifestyle

Following basic instruction 2 or more coaching sessions are recommended to give participants support, encouragement, and additional instruction as they begin to incorporate what they have learned in their day to day life. These are often provided on a monthly basis to allow time for new habits to set in and new questions to arise.

Class Schedule & Location

Schedule to be announced in September 2017

Details for group sessions  are to be announced.

Individual coaching sessions will be held at Angela’s private office at a time convenient for each attendee following the conclusion of the last group session.

Registration & Fees

Space is limited and prior registration and payment for the first session must be completed by phone in order to reserve your space the class.

Because this course is primarily preventive and does not provide assessment including the  mental health diagnosis required by insurance for medical necessity, it cannot be covered under insurance.

Group Sessions $40 per session

30 minute individual coaching sessions  $60

or pay $300 in advance for both the class and the 2 coaching sessions at a discounted rate

Refunds for fees will not be available once payment is made, but credit may be applied to a future session, if available, for up to 12 months from the date of originally schedule session.

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