Counseling for Divorce Recovery


Divorce is nearly always a very difficult transition regardless of the circumstances that led up to it. Even though every situation is different, most people are left with their lives in turmoil whether it is financial stress, guilt over the effects on children, painful emotions and heartbreak, dealing with friends and extended family, or trying to date again. Often support from friends, family, or a divorce support group really helps as you try to figure out how to settle into a new life. However, the individualized, confidential, and objective help of a counselor can also soften the blow.

Angela specializes in helping people find peace in the midst of constant change and daily chaos. Counseling sessions are designed to help clients develop the ability to maintain an inner tranquility that is not easily affected by outside circumstances or pressures.


What to Expect


Counseling is provided in a relaxed atmosphere and focuses on helping clients feel comfortable right from the beginning. Angela enjoys getting to know her clients well and laughing together but also values focusing on goals and making each session a productive one. As the client, you will be asked why you decided to come to therapy and what you would like to accomplish. Angela will spend the few sessions getting to know you better. After a divorce many people simply need to process their feelings with an objective party. Often just having someone to listen and assist clients in clarifying their own goals and emotions is helpful. A counselor’s job is not to give advice but to help clients find solutions to their problems that work for them. Many people who come to counseling are in crisis and simply don’t know where to start. Exploring concerns with an objective party in a safe, confidential atmosphere often goes a long way towards problem resolution.


Approach to Counseling:


Angela operates from a holistic perspective and concerns herself with the clients’ overall, long-term well-being. Her approach focuses on solutions with specific, attainable goals. Generally therapy is more short term and ends when the client’s presenting issue is resolved.

After a divorce many people benefit from taking a closer look at their relationship history and gaining insight into what went wrong. This can set them up for more successful relationships in the future. As a marriage and family therapist, Angela has special training in relationships and family patterns which allows her to assist clients in this process. By taking time for guided self-reflection during this life transition, clients can use the crisis divorce creates as an opportunity for personal growth and the starting point for a happier life.

Additionally, Angela incorporates concepts and techniques from mindfulness counseling approaches. These cutting edge approaches have been shown to be highly effective in treating stress, anxiety, and depression which people recovering from divorce often face. Mindfulness can be defined as “awareness of present experience with acceptance.” Clients become more aware of thoughts and feelings that occupy their minds as they rush through their days on autopilot. Then they begin to learn simple new habits that help them relax the body and mind, accept the unpleasant experiences, and fully experience and enjoy the good things in life moment by moment.

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** Mindfulness definition taken from The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems by Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD