Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness:  Simple & Natural Stress Management

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Everyone knows that diet and excise are essential for a healthy lifestyle.  However, most struggle with keeping these up.  Additionally, even when we are eating right and exercising daily, stress and a general sense of dissatisfaction with life still remains.  Today more and more people realize that that the health of the mind and the body are closely related.  But do you know that you can train yourself to manage your thoughts, emotions, and listening to your own body’s signals?  These simple daily practices can reduce your stress level, increase overall life satisfaction, and greatly reduce your experience of many chronic health conditions.Strassenschilder

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction was originally developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.  This approach is designed to enhance your body’s ability to heal itself and maintain the balance needed for overall health and wellbeing.  Mindfulness is defined as awareness of the present moment with non-judgmental acceptance.  One key aspect is learning meditation for the purpose of training the mind and body to remain in the mindful state throughout the day.  Participants in mindfulness training programs increase their awareness of their own thoughts and feelings that occupy our minds as we rush through our days on autopilot.  Then they begin to practice simple new habits that help them relax the body and mind, accept the unpleasant experiences, and fully experience the good things in life (and enjoy them moment by moment).

This six week introductory course is designed for people who have little or no experience with mindfulness or meditation.  Participants will learn and discuss the basic concepts of mindfulness and be invited to experiment with various techniques in the class and at home.  Concepts and techniques will be presented in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere that is appropriate for those just looking to create a little more peace in their day and others who feel they need to make deeper lifestyle changes.

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Location:  Office of Angela S. McLean, LMFT 1008F Big Oak Court Knightdale, NC  27545

Schedule: This workshop is not currently running.  Please call for information about individual mindfulness training or coaching sessions.

Fees:  $35 per session or pay in full at $189 prior to the first session for a 10% discount.

Current, active clients and their family members eligible for 10% discount.

Current, active clients attending individual or family/couples sessions with Angela at least twice per month during the group are eligible to use insurance for payment


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